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Infected PC scam

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Infected PC scam . Fake Microsoft Support Scam Warning! |
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Fake Microsoft Support Scam Warning!

Warning message – User should contact supposed Microsoft support

As it turned out, a browser pop-up with a threat message prompted the customer to call 0342 176 … to call. The supposed Microsoft employee stated that he needed credit card details and to buy something from Amazon to fix the errors. He also had the customer install the remote maintenance program and other software. He then allegedly wanted to use the remote maintenance software to repair the damage to the system. The employee bought an Xbox voucher with 100 EUR credit.
The customer was suspicious and hung up.
The two numbers to be called were from Poland +48 and Latvia +372 .
The fraudster tried to call him several more times.

The whole thing happened on Friday 08.11.2023 from 17:30 .
At 19:30 the customer contacted us at Computerservice.arminfischer.com.

We provided the customer with a bootable Linux operating system so that he could change his access data to Amazon and credit card data. In consultation with the credit card hotline, the card has now been blocked so that the 3-digit CVV on the back can no longer be misused.

As the customer explicitly believes that filing a complaint has little chance of success, we discussed the next steps with the customer. First, we scanned for viruses, malware, ransomware, etc. via third-party operating systems, including Kaspersky Recue Disk 18, eset Sysrescue, Norton.
Since we cannot be sure, even if the virus scanner does not find anything, that a keylogger, Trojan or ransomware is not installed, we backed up the customer’s data and reinstalled Windows 10 and LinuxMint.

Parts of the malicious URLs used with the fake messages


Here a screenshot of the scam

Fake Microsoft Support Scam

In connection with Microsoft Scam, this is the 2nd incident reported to us in 2023 by customers from the municipality of Memmelsdorf. The fraudster or fraudsters use various criminal techniques.
Phishing according to those who take the threat of a supposed scam seriously. Using social engineering, the fake Microsoft Support takes over the customer’s system and then asks for credit card information to pay for the supposedly necessary software.

The scam usually uses a hacked website on which the page then opens in full screen with the corresponding warning message. Often an entry page is a URL similar to a known page.
Or a page asks for permission to send notifications. What makes perfect sense for blogs is misused to simulate a system warning for users who are less familiar with the subject matter.

What can I do if I cannot assess a threat report?

1) Take a screenshot and a photo of the message with your smartphone
2) Call a computer service you trust or a friend who is familiar with computers and/or IT!

What do I do if I have given the wrong employee access to my computer and he has received credit card information and payments from me?

1) Switch off the affected computer and disconnect it from the power supply and network.
The operating system used should first be restarted and tested by a computer service, IT specialist or data forensic expert. Any input could be passed on to the perpetrator via remote maintenance tools or keyloggers.

2) Contact your trusted computer service provider. Ideally, you should have already contacted the service provider to resolve any problems. Otherwise, the first point of reference is a company or service provider with a website,
on which the company’s name and address, e-mail and cell phone or landline number as well as tax number with tax office or VAT ID can be found in the imprint. Ideally also the name of the managing director.
Perhaps the service provider can visit immediately.

If the steps 3.) , 4.) , 5.) in the meantime!

3) Have credit cards blocked. Preferably by telephone or online via another device.
4) Change the passwords of any sites involved that the fraudster may have gained knowledge of.

5) Contact the relevant police station using the local telephone number.
If a complaint is made, the content should or may not be changed until the data forensics have had a look at it. According to my information, this could take six months.
What do the police or data forensics need? Do they necessarily need a laptop or computer?
If not, have a 1:1 copy of the hard disk made and hand in the original to the police.

6) Your computer service provider installs the operating system or operating systems on another hard disk, then the 1:1 copy is checked for viruses and the data is transferred from this to the hard disk with the installed operating system. As a customer, you will need 2 new hard disks.
I would keep the data carrier with the 1:1 copy until the case is closed.
If you do not file a complaint, the computer service provider may be able to make an interim backup on his data carrier after a virus scan, install Windows on the existing hard disk and transfer the data back to your hard disk if the device does not contain any sensitive third-party data.
Afterwards, however, no more evidence can be produced!!!

Fake Microsoft Support Scam . Computerservice.arminfischer.com

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