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News und Updates

202407201358 – Invited to 80th birthday on Sat, August 03, 2024 in Regensburg

I will be in Regensburg on Saturday, 03.08.2024 and Sunday, 04.08.2024. I have been invited to a birthday party. In the period from Fri, 02.08.2024 to Mon, 05.08.2024, regular customer service is not possible.

202407040800 – Quatroball – Service restrictions in on-site service and availability of our ServicePoint Memmelsdorf

On the weekend from Friday 05.07.2024 to Sunday 07.07.2024 is Quattroball in Memmelsdorf.
Due to the event, some of our customers may be difficult to reach. As numerous national and international guests and teams are expected, there will probably be a tighter parking situation. We will also only be available sporadically during this period.

202406261456 – Reconstruction of the St2190 between Memmelsdorf and Lichteneiche – Road closure

Renovation and renewal of the state road between Lichteneiche and Memmelsdorf

from 29.07.2024 until mid-September with full closure and detour

At the end of July, the Bamberg State Building Authority will begin renovating the state road 2190 between Lichteneiche (Stockseestraße junction) and Memmelsdorf (Bahnhofstraße/Ohlands junction). Along the 1.8 km stretch, in addition to the upper asphalt layers, the verges, safety barriers and road markings will be renewed and the drainage troughs and channels cleaned.

Construction phase 1: from July 29 – August 21, Stockseestraße junction to Schloss Seehof junction

Construction phase 2: from August 22 – September 13, intersection Schloss Seehof – intersection Bahnhofstraße Memmelsdorf

During the closures, traffic will be diverted via the district roads (BA 4 and BA 5) Lichteneiche – Gundelsheim – Weichendorf – Memmelsdorf and vice versa. The detour routes are signposted accordingly.

The Rewe supermarket in Lichteneiche can still be accessed via Stockseestraße.

Access to the allotment gardens to the south of Lichteneiche is possible during the construction phases.

The Fasanerie cemetery can be accessed via Lichteneiche, the local road Am Rennsteig and then via the field path.

Depending on the construction phase, access to Seehof Castle is possible via state road 2190 or district road BA 5.

You can find more details in the newsletter of 21.06.24 at

You can reach us via the A73 AS 22 during the detour as follows.
A73 AS22 – Lichteneiche – Gundelsheim – Weichendorf – Memmelsdorf – Memmelsdorf-Ost – corner of Hauptstraße Waldstraße

A73 AS22 Umleitung bei Memmelsdorf wegen Erneuerung der St2190

202406181323 Also there for you during the 2024 summer vacations

As it currently stands, we will also be available for you during most of the 2024 summer vacation.
We may announce further details at short notice.

More details can be found on #Servicenews


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Ihr braucht Unterstützung? Wir helfen.
You need Support? We help.

Helpdesk und oder Videoberatung weltweit.
lokal hier in Memmelsdorf, Gemeinde Memmelsdorf.

Helpdesk and or Video adviced support world wide.
local here in Memmelsdorf, Gemeinde Memmelsdorf. +4917621008967



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Bring In und Vor-Ort-Service / Bring In and On-Site-Service
Memmelsdorf , Gemeinde Memmelsdorf

ServicePoint Memmelsdorf
c/o Armin Fischer
Hauptstr. 70
DE- 96117 Memmelsdorf
VAT-ID/Ust.-ID: DE232723558 / denews.Computerservice.arminfischer.comChatus +4917621008967
Memmelsdorf/BA/DE : Hauptstr. 70 DE- 96117 Memmelsdorf . Ust-ID/VAT-ID: DE232723558 



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