Windows 11 .

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RECALL Funktion in Windows 11 . Screenshot every 5 seconds. .

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Remember older posts with RECALL

With RECALL, Microsoft indicates that it wants to make what has been searched for or edited visible again.
The Screenray cloud function indexes the screenshot with corresponding search terms so that the content can be searched for retrospectively.

Microsoft advertises this, for example, with the retrieval of a pizza recipe.

Screenray already the starting point for total monitoring of all data

Screenray is already a helper to completely monitor all data that has been processed on the computer. As a reminder, Microsoft has announced in the Microsoft service contract as of October 2023 that it will check all data that interacts with Microsoft services and programs and delete it if it does not comply with Microsoft guidelines, and also delete accounts with cloud data in the event of further violations. We had already reported on this. Total control over data at Microsoft .

Enormous collection of data

Tuhl Teim DE calculates in a video on the subject that 150 GB are required for this indexing for storage from 1TB hard disk.

Windows 11 .


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