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Petition against end of support for Windows 10 . PIRG initiative demands extension of Windows 10 runtime . |

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Due to the end of support for Windows 10 – PIRG petition wants to save the Windows 10 operating system and further postpone the end of support

As describes in its article, the Public Interests Research Group or PIRG has launched an initiative with a petition to keep the Windows 10 operating system running longer with the motto “Don’t leave millions of computers behind”

According to Microsoft’s current plans, the last security updates for Windows 10 will be delivered in October 2025.

The mountains of electronic waste that would result from this forced hardware upgrade due to the new Windows 11 requirements would be enormous. Windows 11 regularly requires a TPM 2.0 module, which is not available on many mainboards up to Core i 3/5/7 9th generation, e.g. 10xxx.

We at are also asking the question of whether scrap production on this scale is necessary for a little more security.

Not everything is progress, for example Bitlocker encryption

In addition, issues such as Bitlocker encryption make it difficult or even impossible for us PC service providers to recover data for the customer.
We have had cases in the past where Bitlocker encryption was activated on Lenovo notebooks without being asked and the key was not automatically stored in the Microsoft account.

And it is questionable whether Lenovo notebooks for students really need encryption. In our opinion, at least not!

Thanks to SecureBoot, every operating system needs Microsoft’s OK to boot.

SecureBoot and other devices make it more necessary for other manufacturers to obtain permission from Microsoft to boot from the system. Thanks to SecureBoot, a customized boot loader from Microsoft is required for another operating system to boot up without a marathon changeover in the BIOS or UEFI.
Tools for computer service providers may be left out completely.
The new computers and laptops are not necessarily getting better. They allow less variety.
SecureBoot was initially developed with the intention of preventing malware from booting.
In the meantime, however, the restrictions outweigh the benefits.

Request for support

We at support the petition. We want customers to be able to work in their familiar Windows 10 environment for as long as possible. Even in companies, there are systems that cannot be easily replaced. A computer can be interwoven with equipment costing several tens of thousands of euros. Simply replacing it is not an option.

We ask our customers and readers to sign the petition as well:

Our tip: Drive on multiple tracks.

Continue to use Windows 10 even after support ends

If a system change requires new hardware straight away, we believe it is perfectly acceptable for private individuals
to use a system beyond its official end of life.

LinuxMint as a faster operating system

LinuxMint is now an alternative to consider. Even if installation packages and the original focus on the command line may be a little off-putting. LinuxMint offers better performance than Windows, especially on older systems.

Working with Windows programs on LinuxMint computers or laptops

If Windows applications are still required in some cases, there are at least 3 options.
Firstly, the Wine and PlayOnLinux packages can be installed under LinuxMint.
Here it is possible to get one or the other application to run under Windows.

Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager, vmware

If this does not work, you can use Oracle VM VirtualBox or vmware to get it running.
Here, a complete Windows is installed virtually under LinuxMint.
This certainly tends to be slower, but it is certainly an alternative for the occasional use of Windows programs. Files can also be exchanged between the virtual operating system and LinuxMint. A separate license is required for Windows operating systems,
as the emulated hardware does not correspond to the actual hardware.

Windows 10 and LinuxMint in GRUB

Another option is the parallel installation of Windows and LinuxMint.
To ensure that NTFS partitions can be mounted by LinuxMint without any problems in read and write access, the standby mode should be switched off in Windows in the energy-saving options.
There are also programs for Windows that can be used to mount Linux partitions under Windows.

Windows 10 .

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Petition against end of support for Windows 10, Petition gegen Support-Ende von Windows 10, Initiative PIRG fordert Verlängerung der Laufzeit von Windows 10 , PIRG initiative demands extension of Windows 10 runtime ,

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