Mobile phone / cellphone number +491762100896 / de news.Computerservice.arminfischer.comChatus

Please note that our mobile phone/ cell phone now is again +4917621008967 . 

It is our SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 Outdoor phone. Please send us more information over one of our chat systems
Send us name, mail address, cell phone number, and when spoke the date we told. Sometimes I am on the way and cannot write. 


Armin Fischer 
Gemeinde Memmelsdorf – Landkreis Bamberg – Regensburg 
c/o Armin Fischer 
Hauptstr. 70  
DE- 96117 Memmelsdorf 
Ust-ID / VAT-ID: DE232723558 

. / denews.Computerservice.arminfischer.comChatus +4917621008967
Memmelsdorf/BA/DE : Hauptstr. 70 DE- 96117 Memmelsdorf . Ust-ID/VAT-ID: DE232723558 



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